Analysis of the first trump-biden debate for the 2024 American presidential election

During the first televised debate of the 2024 American presidential campaign, aired by CNN in Atlanta, Joe Biden and Donald Trump clashed in a duel marked by tense exchanges. Despite a tired presence and at times hesitant responses, Biden tried to challenge the points raised by his opponent without clearly dominating the conversation.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, appeared more combative and direct. He criticized the current management of the country, emphasizing the inflation that he considers harmful to the United States. The former president also vigorously addressed other sensitive subjects such as illegal immigration and abortion rights, thus directly attacking some decisions made under the Biden administration.

This face-off did not necessarily reassure Democratic supporters, who are already concerned about the current president’s ability to conduct an effective campaign given his advanced age. The two candidates debated on several major national themes such as the economy, immigration policy, and international relations with Ukraine, but did not bring significant new insights on their respective positions.

In essence, this initial debate could play a crucial role in the months to come as each candidate tries to solidify their base and convince undecided voters before election day.

“I am innocent,” says Trump

In a recent statement, President Joe Biden severely criticized Donald Trump, accusing him of criminal activity related to undisclosed payments and calling him morally bankrupt. This attack follows Trump’s conviction in a case involving hidden financial transactions with an actress. Biden also reproaches Trump for inciting the Capitol riots on January 6, 2021.

In response, Donald Trump, facing additional judicial charges, denies any wrongdoing. He claims that the judicial system is corrupt and conditions his acceptance of future electoral results on their perceived fairness.

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Trump did not hesitate to question Biden’s presidential capabilities. According to him, Biden does not have the necessary skills to govern effectively and asserts that under a true American leader, the Ukrainian crisis would have been avoided.

These fierce exchanges highlight the intensity of political tensions in the United States and underscore the deep divisions that persist among supporters of both camps.

Biden confronted with demand for cognitive assessment

The former president has challenged Joe Biden to undergo a cognitive test, highlighting his own success in such tests as well as his golfing skills. At the same time, he made unchecked and exaggerated statements during a televised debate, without being corrected by the CNN moderators who were primarily focused on timekeeping.

This debate probably did not significantly change public opinion in a context of strong political polarization in the United States. Nevertheless, captivating even a small number of independent voters could prove decisive in winning the presidential election, which is expected to be particularly close.

As for Biden, his goal was to convince of the dynamism of his physical condition. Despite a less convincing start at the last event, noted even by Vice President Kamala Harris, he seems to have ended on a more positive note.

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