5 good reasons to attend a feminist march: commit to equality, express your voice, and strengthen community ties.

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Sunday, June 23 marks a key date for the feminist struggle in France. In anticipation of the first round of legislative elections, more than 120 associations such as Planned Parenthood, We All, and the Women’s Foundation have launched a strong appeal for mobilization. Their goal? To firmly oppose the ideas propagated by the National Rally and to assert loudly the rights of women.

The streets of France could therefore resonate with bold slogans such as “Our skirts are short, not our ideas” or “make us happy instead of harming us”. These shocking phrases are not just words; they embody a daily struggle for gender equality and against persistent prejudices.

The stakes are even more crucial as the far right seems to be getting closer to power. This march is not just a simple demonstration, but a strong symbolic act aimed at protecting the hard-won gains of past struggles while paving the way towards a more just society.

Participating in this march represents a unique opportunity to strengthen solidarity among women – what is known as sorority – but also to send a powerful message to future generations about the importance of defending one’s convictions. This is a precious opportunity to make your voice heard and inspire those who will follow you through your commitment.

Show your support

A feminist march transcends the notion of a simple gathering. It is a powerful act of solidarity where participants come together to advocate for women’s rights and against gender-based injustices. These demonstrations often target specific issues such as the right to abortion or resistance to the spread of extremist ideologies.

By taking part in these events, each person actively contributes to strengthening this crucial movement. Physical engagement in these marches offers support and comfort to victims of injustices, affirming by one’s presence that no one should feel isolated or disbelieved.

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Beyond participating in marches, it is also possible to adopt everyday acts of micro-feminism. These actions, though discreet, are significant and can take various forms:
– Prioritizing female professionals in personal choices.
– Reversing the traditional order and putting “Mrs.” before “Mr.” in correspondence.
– Refusing to perpetuate certain gender roles during family gatherings.

These individual initiatives, combined with collective efforts during demonstrations, greatly contribute to spreading a spirit of change and social justice within the community.

Protecting one’s rights in a more practical way

Feminist demonstrations are not limited to March 8, International Women’s Rights Day. These movements are organized whenever the safety and freedoms of women and minorities are in jeopardy. Participating in these events is a proactive act of resistance, far beyond simply showing support virtually on social networks.

When you join a feminist march, you come armed with your convictions, often materialized by strong slogans displayed on signs or shouted at the top of your lungs. This publicly demonstrates your commitment and gives more weight to your demands.

Indeed, directly addressing politicians via a private message may seem effective, but it will never have the impact of a visible collective action. Marches bring together much more people and exert real pressure on policymakers. They recall the rebellious struggle of the Suffragettes who, from 1918, campaigned for women’s right to vote.

Even if these demonstrations do not always lead to immediate or visible changes, they strengthen in participants the feeling of having fulfilled an essential civic duty in the fight for equality and social justice.

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Strengthening female solidarity

Participating in a feminist march proves to be an experience rich in connections and discoveries. This type of gathering marks the opportunity not only to meet inspiring women, but also to exchange valuable contacts and advice. These exchanges can trigger a profound change in the way of seeing things and greatly boost your motivation.

The notion of sorority takes on its full meaning during these events, where one can easily observe the collective power when women decide to unite their efforts. These shared moments strengthen the network of mutual support among women, essential to face the various societal challenges.

It is advisable to engage in conversation with those around you during these marches. Each interaction is an opportunity to learn something new and enrich your own personal and professional journey. In short, each feminist march is a step towards greater equality and an effective means to amplify the collective voice of women in society.

Changing the course of history

Feminist demonstrations are not simply expressions of discontent, but acts that can influence and change history. The example of the Suffragettes in the early 20th century is eloquent: thanks to their determined marches in the streets of London, they greatly contributed to obtaining the right to vote for British women.

A similar phenomenon occurred in Poland in October 2018 when more than 30,000 women dressed in black mobilized against a restrictive abortion proposal. The subsequent rejection of this law clearly shows how the collective voice of women can weigh in the legislative balance.

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In Argentina as well, the relentless fight of women bore fruit at the end of 2020 with the legalization of abortion. These victories illustrate how feminist movements can truly change the course of a nation and significantly improve the rights and freedoms of women.

Motivating young generations

Participating in a feminist demonstration is not just about marching for a cause. It is above all a profound and accessible act of activism that engages everyone in the fight for gender equality. By taking part in these events, you affirm your support for the values of solidarity and set an example, not only for adults but also for young generations. By witnessing your commitment, the youth are inspired to develop a sharp social awareness.

When you attend these demonstrations, you actively contribute to shaping a more just and equitable society. You also participate in awakening a necessary consciousness on topics that are still too little addressed in traditional educational spheres.

It is essential to seize every opportunity to strengthen the movement: organizing or joining a march in your city can multiply the voices carried by this fight. To go further, involving your community with visual actions like collages can amplify the message and reach a wider audience.

In short, engaging in the feminist movement through these marches is to pursue a common goal: building a future where every individual will be valued and respected regardless of their gender.

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