26% of the French population are convinced that this unusual job will enrich them: the rise of the digital well-being coach.

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Most French people dream of getting rich. However, even though money does not always guarantee happiness, it provides a certain financial security and significant comfort. This pursuit of wealth motivates many people to do everything they can to secure their future and live without material worries.

Many of them aspire to achieve enough wealth to escape daily financial concerns. Indeed, economic stability not only allows for easily meeting essential needs but also enjoying simple pleasures and everyday luxuries to the fullest.

Some consider various means to achieve this financial security:

  • Savings, by regularly setting aside a portion of their income.
  • Investments, in real estate or stocks.
  • Entrepreneurship, by creating their own business.

This desire to accumulate enough money is widely shared among the French, who hope to live serenely and fully enjoy life without being hindered by constant financial worries.

54% of French people dream of becoming rich

Becoming rich is a dream shared by 54% of French people, but the paths to get there vary widely. Working hard remains the preferred method for 69% of them, with 55% going the extra mile to increase their income. A small ambitious group of 10% has even started their own business in hopes of hitting it big.

Investment also appeals to many: 58% are betting on real estate and 14% prefer the stock market. Cryptocurrencies are not far behind, attracting 12% of aspiring wealthy individuals.

Some ideas remain ingrained: becoming famous is still seen as a quick way to achieve wealth by 8%. More and more people want to become an influencer, a career chosen by 26%, evidence of social evolution.

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Finally, playing the lottery (38%) and patiently waiting for an inheritance (27%) are other popular options among those who hope to see their dream come true without too much personal effort.

Which path will you follow to achieve your financial goals?